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Phil Cohen

Phil Cohen                      Drums
James Demeter            Guitar

Missy Connell               Bass 
Mercy Bermudez          Lead Singer

Maggie Connell            Keyboards  
The Heaters Album.jpg

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The Heaters 

The Great Lost Heaters Album 

July 30, 2008 by Steve Holtje

This is essentially the first Heaters album, from 1978, but as proclaimed on the back, “This is not a reissue!  This is a combined remix and re-recording!"

The story behind  is a sad tale of talent betrayed by bad decisions and incompetent management.  The original album suffered from crappy production and a boring session drummer replacing member Phil Cohen.


Using a combination of the original session tapes, demos, and newly recorded parts (with Cohen reinstated as drummer), the band put out a version conforming to their own sound rather than their producers’... proving that the excitement they generated in their home base, Los Angeles, was not mere hype.  This album easily lives up to its name.

The Heaters Album.jpg
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Dogs and Bones 2.jpg
Phil Cohen                  Drums
Gerald Conway          Bass 
Greig McRitchie         Guitar 
Dogs and Bones Pic 2.png
Broken Man Blues Album Cover.jpg
Dogs and Bones is an L.A. based-blues rock band who performs at local venues and has two albums out, Dogs and Bones and Broken Man Blues
Dogs and Bones Facebook Cover Nov 2023_edited_edited.jpg
Phil Drum Sunglasses_edited.png
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Phil Cohen                Drums
James Demeter      Guitar

Missy Connell         Bass, Guitar
Silver HeatersAlbum Cover.jpg
Silver Heaters Album Back.jpg
The Silver Heaters consists of 3 former members of the Heaters who will be releasing an album of new and original material soon.
The Silver Heaters Real.jpg
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