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Philip M. Cohen, Author

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Conflict in the City is a fast-paced, lively, detective noir 
novel that combines music and murder and causes chaos  and mayhem for bandmates, Johnny “Whoops” Watson and Billy Bates.

These young guitarist/singers, and their band, Conflict,

are pursuing their dreams by playing clubs in the LA music  scene when they unexpectedly find themselves deeply intwined in a murder mystery.  Johnny and Billy quickly

find themselves dangerously in over their heads. 

Conflict in the City is the first novel in The Conflict Stories.  It’s a story filled with high tension, intrigue and adventure. 



In the novel Conflict in the Club, singers/musicians Johnny “Whoops” Watson and Billy Bates and their band, Conflict, again find themselves navigating treacherous ground when the life of their manager, mentor and friend

is threatened by an unknown adversary.


Can they aid their friend and survive the danger while

still successfully pursuing their dream of a life in music?​


The second novel in The Conflict Stories, Conflict in the Club, pulls you into a thrilling noir tale of the modern LA music scene.

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Available on Amazon, Audible, and other retailers.

Phil Cohen with L.A.Confidential
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Phil Cohen with Fight Club
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